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Ten Best Mobile Event Apps
10 Best Mobile Event Apps for Events and Conferences in 2018

Events plays a very important role for a business if you are looking forward to organize an event. To handle it with ease, the best possible solution available to you is to get an event mobile app. In today’s digital world having a good event app is like filling two needs with one deed. As it

Event App Budget Template
Free Event Budget Template and samples to plan your events

2018 a year and years to come, where financial security is the biggest concern everywhere, why waste time in doing things that are not in control. Instead, utilize it in most productive manner. Secure your future, success of your business by one simple step. Start your task with simple “Budgeting”.  “A budget is telling your

Five Reasons To Use Mobile Event Apps
5 Reasons to use Mobile Event Apps for your Event

Event Mobile App is a solution that aids the event organizers/planners in driving the audience from event registration, event check-in to event promotion and reporting. Event App is running at breakneck speed. And in order to survive in the market, every company/organizer must leap and bound with the pace of evolved technology. However, do you

Best Event App Features
3 key learning from the event app used in past

“Do not let the poor event app experience hurt your brand” Used an event mobile app for your past event? Not happy? Was it not the worth of time and money invested? Did something go wrong in the middle of the event? Lots of hassles during the event? Sometimes, the best chosen does not prove

Best Team Work For Leads To Success
How to prepare your team to work together for events

We all believe that hiring skilled people, super technocrats, great leaders, enthusiastic and energetic employees, amazing ground staff, and many more are good enough to achieve the targeted result the company aimed for. Are you sure that’s all? I mean, if that is all what’s needed for the grand success then every tom, dick and

Core Values For Event Planners
How event planners can create lasting core values

The very first question that arise in mind listening to core values is “Why to have them and how to define them?” Core Values  On paper, they are a set of words or phrases that defines who you are as a team. Core values are what support the vision, shape the company’s culture and reflect

Seven Things To Focus For Event Planning
7 essentials to create an event plan for 2018

Does your company have a standard written event plan or documents drafted for the same? Have you ever bothered to look at it? If so, then when have you actually taken the pain to sit and go through it step by step. Does it fit into today’s needs and requirement box? Is those 10 pages

eventRAFT Pricing
Best Conference App With Fully Loaded Features @eventRAFT

Do the best you can until you know better, then when you know better, do better! Best things are the one that doesn’t come in a way but aids in what you intended to achieve and more.” Conferences vary in size from small or big and each conference has a unique theme around. But broadly there

Mobile Event App Features
8 Must-Have Event App Features

Event planners that use event mobile app for their events, should know why and where they are getting in and have solid plan in place. This post will help you nail both the element by walking through all the feature list of the eventRAFT step by step.But you’re probably just wondering “How do I confirm

eventRAFT Mobile App For Your Event
Best Mobile Event App in 2018 @minimal pricing

Pricing is the most critical and trivial part of any event. With tons of tasks in hand and event ahead, its crucial to prepare the event budget template in advance to have a clear picture. The speed with which the world is moving towards technology and digitization, as an event planner to create a strong