We all believe that hiring skilled people, super technocrats, great leaders, enthusiastic and energetic employees, amazing ground staff, and many more are good enough to achieve the targeted result the company aimed for. Are you sure that’s all? I mean, if that is all what’s needed for the grand success then every tom, dick and harry companies would be in Fortune Global 500 listing. Unfortunately, that’s not the case everywhere. Companies do hire team in the best of its capabilities, but its not anyone’s and everyone’s cup of tea to run the organization profitably and productively. The key lies in the core values of the organization and its culture of the team. Why core values are important and how to attain them are already been shared here. The next in line is to have a great organizational culture of the team that leads to your dream success.

Best Team Work For Leads To Success
No matter how smart, talented, driven, or passionate leader you are, your organizational success depends on how your team functions. As an entrepreneur it falls into your bucket to spur your team members to work well together toward a common vision and goals.
There are certain principles that you need to focus on but the ultimate goal of any organization is to bring the team members work together.
Team Works For Your Events

This could be easily achieved by three best practices: –

  • Meetings
  • Communication
  • Decision-Making
Team Meetings

Team meetings should allow open conversation that draws upon team members’ knowledge, skills and perspectives to solve problems and support in achieving common goals. The agenda of the meeting should be clear and the expected outcome should be efficient worth the time invested.

You can classify meeting into different types so that the objective remains clear.

  • Stand-up meeting (Daily updating)
  • Brainstorm meeting
  • Decision meeting
  • Review meeting
Team Communication

Communication is the key value in any organization. Unless team members communicate with others their problems, decisions, work, solution, and others, there is no way they all will be on the same page. Since their objective is one, their target is one, undoubtedly, they need to work as one. They need to communicate with quality conversation.
Leader should spend 5 minutes daily to communicate with their team members and make them realize the how critical it is to be on track. To improve the quality of conversations, its important to increase the frequency of communication. This will help in clearing more doubts and increase the transparency of the objective.

Decision Making Ability

Mere meetings and communication will not solve the problem if there is no decision as the outcome of the meeting. Its waste of time and energy in one hand and zero productivity on the other. Lack of decision making power will make them lose confidence, their interest and capability to explore more.
There should not be any fear in taking decision. Sometimes, few things are outside the sphere of your control and let it be so. Don’t judge team so quickly in case of any decision made. Give enough opportunity to your team to explore all the aspects of the decision (good or bad). Make them learn.

If you really want to win, work together and make them work as a team. Focus on getting the process aligned and keep them happy as a team.

Work Together, Grow Together – See the success of your event together!!

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