Seven Things To Focus For Event Planning
Does your company have a standard written event plan or documents drafted for the same? Have you ever bothered to look at it? If so, then when have you actually taken the pain to sit and go through it step by step. Does it fit into today’s needs and requirement box? Is those 10 pages plan piled up among those documents kept in store room?
Well in that case, the original plan has lost somewhere and team would be quite unsure on how to lead further. Now how do you keep everyone on the same page and ensure the strategy remains on track?
Prepare a Single Page Plan
There are multiple ways to prepare your plan and essentials to keep in mind. But before that, the most important aspect to understand is “Why you need to have a plan?”
Planning is akin to effective event planning. If you don’t want any hustles, queues, something going wrong somewhere, any misunderstanding, misinterpretations, last minute problems, anything left out and many more to add on, it’s quite advisable to have a strong event plan in hand.
Your planning process should include three rules to reach success and attain a great core event management framework. Eventually, it will lead to the birth of top notch management of events. Have a look at the rules: –
1. Create a clear vision of your event. Keep your head cool. Do not work under stress.
2. Structure your thoughts. Give it a face value on paper. Outline all the aspects you need and get the perfect skyline ready.
3. Now its time to connect the dots. Talk to everyone who has their viewpoints. Have all the issues solved beforehand.
Once the above points are cleared, your first step towards your dream event is taken. Its now the time to move further.
No rock and roll without a proper name
Well, we will not be the first one to say “Don’t you have a better choice to name your event?”. Its quite obvious to have a unique and appropriate name for your event. So, think twice before you decide on anything. Ask yourself, Is the name good enough to grab the attention of the audiences?
Appropriate Day for your big day
This may sound silly, but it is also very crucial to select a lucky day for your event well in advance. It is advisable to give a few thoughts on the questions before you plan your date.
1. Have you checked with the venue – is it free and available for your requirement?
2. Are there any competitive events planned for the same day? Need to check for the clash with other events close to your date.
3. Verify with the bank holidays, religious holidays or any other large occasions.
An awesome location
Here you go for choosing your favorite location. Your intended city or destination of your event will play its role in making your event a grand success. But before you finalize your venue make sure few things: –
1. Is it easily reachable by the audiences to attend? Good transport links to the venue is must.
2. Does it fit in your event plan budget, brand, preferred dates and everything else that is important to the audiences.
3. Check for all the best locations available. Prepare a checklist and inquire everything related to your event. Make a feasibility checklist run.
Clear objective
People do events with multiple reasons behind it. Its trivial to understand the purpose of organizing an event. With a clear objective, it’s guaranteed to have an effective and desired outcome. All your efforts will be paid, once your motive is in the right direction.
Make sure you know what the essential outcome of your event is!
No doubt, your audience comes first of all, but it is a great idea to make it clear, whom you think should exactly attend the event. One of the easy way to figure out is to keep the demographics in place and take decision.
Marketing Channels
This is the place where you need to do detailing in identifying right channels for marketing your upcoming event. Its advisable to stick with 4-5 channels, so that you don’t end up wasting time, energy, budget and scattered your team unnecessarily.
Event budget plan
Considering all the above aspects, it’s a must to have budget plan also in place. We have covered event planning budget tips and event budget template here. This will clear all the doubts if any and helps you in organizing things more structurally. Once the budget plan is drafted, the only concern is to stick to it.
Do keep some provision for the unwanted or last-minute things that may turn up in your budget plan.
Take care of these minute details in your plan and you are ready with your rock solid/winning event plan in your hand. Welcome your E-Day with hustle free mind. Get going!!!

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