“Do not let the poor event app experience hurt your brand”
Best Event App Features

Used an event mobile app for your past event? Not happy? Was it not the worth of time and money invested? Did something go wrong in the middle of the event? Lots of hassles during the event? Sometimes, the best chosen does not prove to be the worth. Henceforth, it’s time to look for a better change.

We have already shared the need of mobile app for the event earlier. It shows that it’s quite inevitable to use mobile app in today’s requirement. Agreed, but what next? Along with the features, focus on the experience you collected in your previous events.

Feature-rich mobile event apps will take care of: –

Feature-rich mobile event apps will take care of: –

  • Attendees engagement
  • Networking with likeminded people
  • Interaction with experts
  • Active participants
  • Zero printed materials
  • Live updates
  • Tracking of sessions, sponsors and speakers
  • Structured
  • Pre-live and post analysis of data
  • Everything and everyone on same page

Mobile event apps, however, require significant investment apart from features too, to be successful. 3 key pointers that you need to look forward for your event mobile app are: –

1. Spend less time (or next to nothing) for better app

It’s not a great idea to use event mobile app that doesn’t get ready in minutes. App is to reduce time and efforts of the event planners. Focus should be on utilization of mobile app and not on the technology of how to use the app.

  • Check for event mobile app that gets ready in minutes
  • One that is not complex and easily customisation possible
  • Simple and most needed features
  • Too many things spoil the experience
2. Transform your passive attendees into engaged and active participants

The key success of any event is their attendees. It’s a must to have attendees in fully charged form, filled with great enthusiasm and participate actively. Their interest must not be lost. Tips to make interaction interesting has been shared earlier and it will give complete insight on how to keep your attendees occupied.

  • Pre, Live and Post care of your attendees through app
  • Notify attendees at regular intervals
  • Keep them updated
  • Provide them visibility through app
  • Able to answer their queries
  • Keep them engaged using live chat and message during event
3. Don’t put your event’s brand and credibility at risk due to poor event app

Nothing is worth to lose the brand and credibility of your event. Never ever take point one chance also that put you at stake.

  • Choose event app that suits you best
  • Functions as per your requirement
  • App that have great support provided
  • Team that is passionate to work with you
  • Ready to serve you 24/7

Invariably, these 3-key learning from your past event experience will prevent you from not making the same mistake again.

Invest Time and Resources into your App, Not just Money. Take a look at eventRAFT that has kept all these aspects in mind while development and gives you unexceptionally fantastic experience to deal with. Click a button for your demo and get going.

Best Mobile Event App

Event apps should never be an afterthought. Your app should be part of your overall strategy.

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