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Hybrid event
Hybrid Events: The Future of Event Management

Hybrid Events: The Future of Event Management Everything you need to know about hybrid events. In the current scenario, the business world has changed 180 degrees.  Offices have shifted to work from home services. Live meetings are now held through online conferences and meetings. The Internet has become the main source of communication for business

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6 Actionable tips to run engaging virtual events

6 Actionable tips to run engaging virtual events and conferences. May be there is no better time than now to go virtual with COVID-19 having forced us all to be indoors.Most of the event organizers that we spoke to last in 4 weeks, have one common question. Is there is any predefined checklist or approach

eventRAFT – Branded Event App and Site – Case Study

How one of the biggest literature festival used event site and branded app to deliver better event experience ? Age Group 16 to 60 Participants 40,000+ in 2 different cities Sessions 500+ sessions in 3 days 200+ Speakers / Hosts Background  Gujarat Literature Festival (GLF), Gujarat's (India's western state) only literature festival that brings thousands

Conference and Events Mobile Apps
5 Key Strategies for Event Success using mobile app in 2020

Event Success - Mobile App Strategies - 2020 Guide Mobile apps work as a versatile platform for organizing events. Though other trends are having an influence over the event industry, event mobile apps are going to retain a major chunk of preference of the marketers in 2020 and beyond. Updates and innovations in smartphones are

8 Simple Tips - Networking Event - eventRAFT
8 Simple Tips that works for any networking event

Attending a networking conference or an event anytime soon? Well, these are 8 real good tips that will help you answer following questions that you may have : How to start a conversation or how to talk to people at events ? If I am introvert - what should I do ? How to enjoy

Event Branding
4 Advantages of using Mobile Event App for Event Branding

Event Branding – an integral part of your event success!! No matter how big your event is, a strong branding is imperative. Hence, the first thing to consider for branding your event is to determine what the objective is. Also, every event planner should ask themselves the following questions: - “What exclusive benefits you’ll get from

Conversation With Your Attendees
Ultimate Guide For How To Manage Digital Distractions At Your Event

Now a days everyone has access to smart devices and internet on just their fingertips. So, sometimes digital overload might be a problem in our workplace. Every day and night, on smart devices we’re bombarded with so many messages and alerts that even when we want to focus, we just cannot. And by any chance

Launch Own Mobile Event App In Minutes
Event App – 5 Steps To Quickly Launch Your Mobile App For Events And Conferences

Do you have an awesome event app idea but don’t know how to execute it or where to start? Look no further Millions of conferences, events, meetings, summits happening across the globe. Organisers either want to reach a new audience or better serve their existing customers. However, people are relatively unaware of the steps and

How To Save Money In Printing And Cut Down Your Time
Best Money Saving Mobile Event App in 2020

Why unnecessarily waste money in papers and your valuable time for event when event app can manage everything flawlessly? Event organizers have a unique opportunity with an event app to offer attendees an interactive alternative to the program book, and to connect to them in a more direct way. Deciding to get an event app

Event Planning Guide For Your Upcoming Event
How to Plan an Event: 10 Steps of Event Planning with Mobile Event App

Planning an event is like paving the way to the clear sky. Why should you go for Event Planning? Planning is definitely akin to effective Event Planning. To reach to the pioneer in your field, you need to crack certain puzzles and put the pieces in line. There is certainly no big secrets or hidden ingredients