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Hybrid event
Hybrid Events: The Future of Event Management

Hybrid Events: The Future of Event Management Everything you need to know about hybrid events. In the current scenario, the business world has changed 180 degrees.  Offices have shifted to work from home services. Live meetings are now held through online conferences and meetings. The Internet has become the main source of communication for business

8 Simple Tips - Networking Event - eventRAFT
8 Simple Tips that works for any networking event

Attending a networking conference or an event anytime soon? Well, these are 8 real good tips that will help you answer following questions that you may have : How to start a conversation or how to talk to people at events ? If I am introvert - what should I do ? How to enjoy

Launch Own Mobile Event App In Minutes
Event App – 5 Steps To Quickly Launch Your Mobile App For Events And Conferences

Do you have an awesome event app idea but don’t know how to execute it or where to start? Look no further Millions of conferences, events, meetings, summits happening across the globe. Organisers either want to reach a new audience or better serve their existing customers. However, people are relatively unaware of the steps and