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eventRAFT Pricing
Best things are the one that doesn’t come in a way but aids in what you intended to achieve and more.”
Conferences vary in size from small or big and each conference has a unique theme around. But broadly there are 3 key value propositions that makes each conference worth for its attendees.
1. Value for money / ROI Is it going to deliver value against the money / time / energy that one is going to invest?
2. Content / Knowledge Discourse Will attendee go back with new value /knowledge added?
3. Network / Business Potential Did he/she make any new contacts / references that can mutually benefit?
Event apps that enable above three and more can be considered as good fit.
So, the deciding factors can be: –
Price – It’s an important one as unlike other regular apps, the use of this app is short lived. How much are you willing to invest?
Branding – Event app should amplify your brand first. With increasing # of conferences, does this event app help you highlight your brand. Right from the cover to themes etc.? While most apps have moved towards container apps, can your app be made available as a stand-alone?
Standard Features Event app should deliver on basics – sessions info / speakers / location / venues etc. Does this event app have that?
Customer Support – Is support available when you need?
There are fantastic options available that does all the above but at price which may not be fit for all size.
eventRAFT Mobile App For Your Event
With Branded Mobile Apps for Conferences | EventRaft – we are trying to solve above all and more to deliver better value at an extremely affordable and fair price.
Key value propositions:
  • Value for money
  • Your own branding and app – almost handcrafted to your needs
  • Content Management driven
  • Real time content updates
  • Super support
All of the above key values have been included as the features list of eventRAFT. You can have a thorough walk-through of the features list here.
To have a better understanding of the pricing that eventRAFT offers, have a quick glimpse @eventRAFT pricing.
eventRAFT serves brilliantly and fits in to your budget accurately!!!

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