2018 a year and years to come, where financial security is the biggest concern everywhere, why waste time in doing things that are not in control. Instead, utilize it in most productive manner. Secure your future, success of your business by one simple step. Start your task with simple “Budgeting”.

“A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering when it went”
As we mentioned earlier in our previous blog, Event Budgeting is not an easy task to deal with. It’s the most critical and pivotal part of any event. Don’t wait for the right time but turn the table around and make the time favorable. Take the first step to create your event budget.
Event App Budget Template
When its time to budget and you really have no idea where to kick start it, take a look at the list of the budgeting templates and apps available in the market – Best Budgeting Apps which will help you plan out the expenses.
Having said that, if you are still looking to simplify your Budgeting process, you need an event budget template. Templates are a great option for event planners who cannot afford big budgeting software and really seek for unique solution for their problems.
Following blog gives you the information on the budget templates. If none match with your specific requirement, a quick guide to build your own event budget template is also there.

Excel Worksheet Templates

These templates are best for those event planners who want to visualize their expenses using Excel spreadsheets tool. Excel templates gives far more flexibility than printable templates, making them ideal for complex events with multiple moving parts.

Paper Worksheet Templates
These templates are best for those who prefers to work on paper. Its best for smaller events where multiple things are not a burden and could be easily managed.
Get started on creating your own event budget
Having listed different budget templates for different occasions, there could be something which gets a miss if not handled. Don’t give up as you can easily create your own budget template at your ease.
As we all know Eventbrite provides a complete walkthrough that guides you through the basic step of designing your own event budget template.
We have compiled all the steps and giving you some additional pointers.
What are you Budgeting for?
The first step to creating your event budget is to figure out all the aspects of your event that could potentially incur a cost. This is a preliminary step and you can continue to improvise it mid-way as you speak to the vendors and get more accurate idea of the budget.
What expenses should you account for budget template?
  • Venue
  • Decor
  • Staffing
  • Catering
  • Transportation
  • Event marketing
  • Entertainment
  • Miscellaneous fees
If you using any sample template, you refine it by adding the few columns or and create your own.
  • Item
  • Description
  • Amount
  • Projected Cost
  • Actual Cost
Research on Event Budget Cost
Now as you have started creating your event budget template, its time to focus on getting your estimated cost closer to your actual cost. Researching prices will help paint a better picture of what your actual cost will look like.
  • Looks on the past events
  • Reach out to Vendors
  • Get the baseline ready for all the broad categories by adding extra amenities
Time to plan out the real cost
Once you have calculated your expenses, its time to figure out all the line times to project the revenue.
When projecting the revenue, need to look for:
  • Cost per event versus generated revenue
  • Cost per attendee versus cost per registration earned
  • Cost on technology used to generate new event opportunities vs its impact on the individuals
  • Cost on marketing against the new leads generated
  • Similar events and their profitability
Plan for your “rainy day” fund
  • Pad your budget for any unknown variables cost
  • Cancellation cost
  • Biggest challenging cost
  • Worst case scenario
Video Demo
A video could give you a better idea in certain aspect. Let’s have a quick look on the demonstration of creating a budget template in excel.


Miss something and you may end up burning a huge hole in your pocket on expenses which may not have been considered. Your event tends to go over/under budget when unplanned and unstructured. Use any of the budgeting software tools available in the market and don’t let yourself be out of the trend.

  • Have complete focus on your event
  • The more details you add, the more accurate the budget will be
  • Cost are inter-dependent
  • Explore all the options
  • Make sure everyone is on the same page
  • Don’t be afraid to spend
  • Don’t waste unnecessarily

Get your ultimate event budget sheet ready now!!!

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