Event Success - Mobile App Strategies - 2020 Guide

Mobile app for conferences and event

Mobile apps work as a versatile platform for organizing events. Though other trends are having an influence over the event industry, event mobile apps are going to retain a major chunk of preference of the marketers in 2020 and beyond.

Updates and innovations in smartphones are contributing greatly in refining the process of planning and managing an event.

So let’s go through how mobile apps can be leveraged strategically to drive success of the event.

1. Optimize Networking Element

Attractive profiles and a brief description work amazingly in striking a conversation between professionals. It helps attendees know each other’s backgrounds, making the introductory part more comfortable.

One such feature of eventRAFT is Attendee Profile, which shows a list of all the attendees who are attending a particular event along with their rich social profile. Participants can also private message each other which allows incredible networking opportunities for attendees.

2. Offer on-Brand Experience

An on-brand experience is a key to engage attendees in using your app. This is possible when users have complete control over the look and feel of their app.

Allowing users to choose colors, designs and other features create a feeling of ownership which automatically enhances their user experience.

Custom Menu is one such tool that gives attendees control over all the options that are visible in app. They can easily modify the name or it’s display order or may be just disable it.

3. Personalize attendee experience

Users find it compelling and get engaged when they can change or edit various functions of the app as per their specific needs.

Personal Agenda tool gives option to create personalized agenda by just marking sessions as favorite. Events automatically get added to local phone calendar as well.

4. Leverage the power of Social Media

Before thinking of any strategy, you first must be assured that all your potential audience is made aware of the event.

Once you know which platforms to market on, consider launching a social media campaign. Incentivize attendees to download the app by giving offers to the first 100 people. You should also consider creating a shareable download link so that people can quickly download the app.

You can boost engagement by creating a social feed wall for every event. Leverage social media in such a way which makes downloading and sharing your app highly convenient and easy.

5. Use analytics and reporting to measure ROI

Most of the time marketers are not able to measure the ROI of their spendings. This is one of the major drawbacks of traditional marketing.

An event app is a great medium to track the whereabouts of attendees. It allows you to keep track of your audience before, during and after the event, in order to capture relevant data. You know which sessions were attended the most, when the attendees arrived at the event, which activity they visited first and much more.

Session Ratings and Reviews are very useful to gauge the audience feedback per session. In-app ratings and reviews serve you as an organizer feedback on what is hot and not.

Following is a summary of all the features that will help you fulfill above strategies and objectives:

  • Attendee Profile
  • Private Message
  • Social Participation
  • Custom Menu
  • Personal Agenda
  • Multi Track Schedule Listing
  • Session Ratings and Reviews
  • Rich Speaker Bios

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