Planning an event is like paving the way to the clear sky.
Event Planning Guide For Your Upcoming Event

Why should you go for Event Planning?

Planning is definitely akin to effective Event Planning. To reach to the pioneer in your field, you need to crack certain puzzles and put the pieces in line.
There is certainly no big secrets or hidden ingredients in planning your event.
All you need to do is to stick to the suggested framework as below to have a strong event plan in place.
  1. Calm brainstorming to create a vision
  2. Outline all aspects and give it a proper structure
  3. Connect the dots and have all technical issues solved
Considering the importance of how a perfect event plan can turn the table around, don’t start planning your next event without reading below.
Below is the info-graphic on the same that highlights the steps.
How To Plan An Event
All your steps to plan your event are easily achievable by eventRAFT – a mobile event app builder for Conferences, Events, Meetings, Trade Shows, Seminar, Corporate Events and more.
eventRAFT provides all the basic and superior interfaces like
  • Multi-day scheduling,
  • Custom themes
  • Colors and banners
  • Real time content management
  • Attendees chat rooms
  • Activity feeds
  • In app push notification
  • Video library
  • Live twitter feed
  • Live Q/A
  • Analytics and
  • Many others
Get a detailed look at the must have feature list here.
What makes eventRAFT different from other players in the market is: –
  • It’s Cost Optimization Approach
  • Edge over competitor with effective and efficient service at optimum cost
  • ROI at its best level
  • Worth your time
Check out quickly the pricing details of eventRAFT here.

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