Event Branding – an integral part of your event success!!
Event Branding
No matter how big your event is, a strong branding is imperative. Hence, the first thing to consider for branding your event is to determine what the objective is. Also, every event planner should ask themselves the following questions: –
“What exclusive benefits you’ll get from this Investment of time and budget?
What is the efficient way to achieve them?
How can you make sure your event brand gets a positive reputation?
How to nail down your branding efforts?
The first and perhaps the most important step in branding your event is to determine how you want people to view it. What do you want people to say when they see your event brand? What do you want them to think, feel and do?
So, if you are looking for a solid idea to brand your event, go for an event mobile app like eventRAFT.
eventRAFT is one such tech driven mobile app built to serve the growing expectations of every event planner/organizer and add value to their events and the branding process.
Below are the 4 advantages that eventRAFT can bring to you for your event branding.
Increase Visibility
With the increase in the usage of smartphone, the usage of mobile app has gone tremendously high. Everything happens at finger tips and in minutes.
Use of mobile app for promoting event is one of the latest trend in the market, as event planners can reach to the maximum audiences in the most minimal time.
  • Use social media platform to publicize more about the event
  • Can aim restricted and exclusive audience
  • Creates a lot of buzz in conventional outlets as well as in digital media
  • Networking through app
Brand Consistency
An awesome mobile app is always a plus point when comes to technology used.
  • With minimal time, you set up your event app in smartphones
  • Get your event app ready in your own company name and logo
  • Get the app store release in your own company name
  • A standalone application
  • Audiences get to know more about your event through consistent branding
  • Build a long-lasting relationship with your audience
  • Attract sponsors easily and consistently
  • Have a great repo with the sponsors
Admittedly, all these hold true with eventRAFT – an awesome mobile app builder.
Generate Opportunities
When you use mobile app for branding and spreading the word around, audiences get habituated with the ease the awareness got spread.
This will boost your confidence, creates a great impact among the audience, speaker, sponsors and in the market. You will be able to attract more audiences, sponsors for your upcoming event. Create great opportunities with the use of mobile app.
Maximize Value
What all areas you save from bleeding, while opting for mobile app and the branding facility given is as below: –
  • Cut down cost on printing and papers for marketing
  • Time saving
  • Increases brand value and assets
  • Attract sponsors easily
Builds loyalty, increases market share, and makes you a winning identity are other few advantages you get for branding your event.
After you’ve nail down your event brand with mobile app, it’s crucial to maintain the consistency in alignment with the branding strategy. Otherwise, you’ll crucify all of your hard work.
eventRAFT gives you the best branding features at the most affordable price in the market. Check out more about the premium pricing that is offered here.
Conclusion: – Branding isn’t just something vague concept that can’t be quantified. An effective branding strategy through mobile app can help to generate new business by creating business opportunities and referrals from existing customers.

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