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Whether you are planning for 1000 attendees’ trade show or 20 people corporate conference, you would have probably thought of mobile event apps. The next question that kicks your mind is how and when?
When should we make the leap and put hands on experience for mobile app? What would be the expectations for your investment into mobile app? What will be the strategy going forward?
A lot of event professionals have been asking similar questions and hence, the survey conducted by MPI (Meeting Professionals Internationals) have found out some answers to the queries.
In 2015, the survey conducted by MPI for event professionals to determine who uses App and why, the data revealed is as below:
Are you currently using Event Apps at your event?
Event Industry Statics

The survey showed that 78% event planners used the event app. But only 22% attendees used the app. The exposure of using a mobile app from the audience perspective was next to zero. This needs to be changed.
The next big thing was to get idea of the non-app users. Are they willing to use app?

Non-App Users — Are you willing to use app?

Mobile Event App Statics

The survey disclosed that: –

  • 30% users were ready to use it after a year from now
  • 20% users were willing to use it in less than a year
  • 15% were ready within 6 months of time
  • 35% users does not have favorable terms to use Was not feasible for them.

Why do you need an Event App?

The event mobile app is innovative, flexible smartphone and solution to many problems for trade shows, conferences, events and others. These days, event apps are pretty popular due to its multiple benefits.

Events success hugely depends on attendees’ satisfaction. Typically, this is done through post event evaluation surveys, tracking early bird registrations, and other ad hoc data points.

To summarize, mobile event app help planners and organizers to answer the old school question – How was the event?
Here are the few reasons why today event planners are adopting mobile app so avidly…

Event App Statics

The chart best describes the use of event app during the event.

  • Develop the source of data to help improve meetings and events
  • Attendees engagement and their convenience
  • Save cost of paper printing
  • Integrate overall strategy, ROI measurement and data to improve future events
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Used to drive traffic to sessions
  • Used to collect event metrics
  • Uses because competitors have apps
  • Other purposes


The time for Mobile App is now

While these are just handful of reasons why events need mobile apps, the possibilities are endless. Planners around the world are leveraging the power of mobile technology to create award-winning event experiences. Find out how you can create a mobile strategy for your events today.

Ready to create a mobile strategy for your next event?

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